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Mus2okur Demo (Free) Multimedia Encyclopedia of Turkish Music

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  • Listen to, and play along with, nearly 1250 musical works that can be performed with any instrument, in any tempo and diapason while following the score on screen.
  • Learn the scales of the Turkish maqams by listening in ascending and descending order and viewing the notes on the staff. Reinforce what you've learned by listening to works composed in any selected maqam.
  • Learn the usuls (rhythmic patterns) of Turkish music by listening to audio examples. See the rhythmic patterns tapped with hands on the knees or beat with zahmes on a pair of kudüms. Practice by playing along with works composed with any selected usul.
  • Learn the compositional forms in Turkish music by watching animated flow diagrams and listening to works composed in any selected form.
  • Learn the names, notation and sounds of the pitches in Turkish music on the staff or on the piano keyboard.
  • Learn the former and present-day names of the various diapasons used in Turkish music. Compare the pitches in any diapason with pitches in Western music.