Mus2 released!


Mus2 lets you create, print and play back scores on your computer, and store them in a number of formats. Mus2 will soon be able to import scores from Mus2okur, greatly expanding your sheet music collection.

Mus2, made from homegrown technology, is the world's first microtonal music score editor. You no longer have to pay hundreds of dollars for inefficient software such as Finale, Sibelius, Encore, Turandot or Noteworthy Composer.

You can download Mus2 for Windows and Mac and try it for free! Visit the Mus2 website

Mus2okur in action

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Mus2okur Multimedia Encyclopedia of Turkish Music

Learn the fundamentals of Turkish music with audio, visual and animated tools.


Mus2okur is a software program that teaches the basics of Turkish music. It has been designed for beginners as well as seasoned musicians wanting to discover the longer usuls, less-known maqams and more.

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Mus2okur works under Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 and ME.

Mus2okur includes information on nearly 25000 musical works in its database. Of these works, approximately 1300 are available as sheet music and can be played with MIDI and Turkish music instruments with the score and lyrics displayed on screen in "karaoke" style.

Mus2okur presents the fundamental concepts of Turkish music such as maqam, form and usul with audio and visual examples. The software comes with an expansive database of information on prominent composers, lyricists, compilers and other notable people including photos, biographies and lists of works.

Mus2okur is continuously updated via the Internet with regular additions to its database.

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