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Yeni Şafak Haberi 12 Aralık 2007

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If you are into technology...

By Taha Kıvanç

A while ago at a fasıl held by friends in Istanbul, I was astonished to find out that this musician who impressed us with his ud performance as well as his voice had thousands of Turkish music works in his laptop that he had set up on the table in front of him. Works categorized by maqams, lyrics and much more...

Imagine my surprise upon discovering the Multimedia Encyclopedia of Turkish Music on my table next day. The most revered works in every maqam has come together in one product spanning just one CD. This encyclopedia allows one to learn these works from scores if you can read music notation or, if not, by its lyrics and through the performance of the work with any instrument you choose.

The encyclopedia provides many other facilities, but just the features that I found interesting are significant enough for me to be deeply grateful to the developers. People who know me know that I keep hundreds of song lyrics on my mobile phone, but only I know the long hours I've spent to get at just one of these songs. Developed by Data-Soft and available from its web site at, this encyclopedia gives everyone easy access even to information that may seem like obscure details to most people. (Data-Soft, tel.: 216- 472 4838; Fax: 216- 472 5071)